keyless theft

Top Tips to Avoid Keyless Theft 

As the automotive industry continues to rapidly progress, innovations in automotive gizmos and systems emerge every day. Such innovations are the fueling aspects for competition between manufacturers. They include systems like the keyless entry or go systems.

These systems were designed to reduce theft cases but be sure for criminals to always find their way around “roadblocks.” It’s not to say that the systems are bad but improvements need to be made. However, when this is being done, you need to take precautions against Keyless theft.

Here are some tips you can use to deter keyless theft:

Avoid Forgetting the Basics
You should not forget the standard security measures against motor vehicle theft. This means that you should remember to put up your car windows and lock the doors after you have parked. Store your car keys away from your house windows and doors. Keep them away from your exterior walls. In the event that thieves try to use their relay devices, your car keys are not within reach for its signal to be captured.

Some people advice to store your keys in a microwave although it’s better to store them in metal tins which block signals.

Switch Off Key Signals
Some keys have the function to switch off the signal. Some require a double button press while others require a combination of key presses to switch off their signals. It is important to go through your car manuals to determine whether your key has that capability.
Without a signal to be relayed when switched off, the culprits have got no signal to amplify and transmit.

Use Physical Barriers
As a car owner, you could also purchase security device which is more manual in mode of operation. These include steering wheel locks, driveway parking post, shift gear locks or a simple wheel clamp.
Even if the thieves can unlock your car and turn it on, it is quite difficult to unlock the physical barriers. They may seem quite odd but they do the job.

Tracking Devices
Tracking devices increase the chances of your vehicle being found after it has been stolen. This device is installed in your car and sometimes concealed so that thieves have a harder time locating it. Normally, after your car has been stolen, the average time frame for recovery is about 6 hours. After that, the thieves may have located the tracking transmitter and disabled it.

Signal Blocking Pouches
Signal blocking pouches are a new thing in the market. Take for instance the Faraday pouch, it contains signal-blocking materials that block your key from transmitting its code. That way the thieves cannot relay the signals.

Car Alarm Systems
This too could be bypassed by thieves but they act as a measure for deterring thieves. Once installed, when they go off, it alerts you that something is not right. The perpetrators would also get clear before they are caught saving you the agony of having to deal with the case of a stolen car.

In the event that you notice your car is being stolen, notify law enforcement rather than confront the thieves. They may be armed.