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9 Most Painful Experiences Car Owners Go Through

According to the Finagle Law, if something has a chance of resulting in a catastrophe, it will. Your car is no exception; old or new the misfortunes are likely to happen. The following six problems happen to all car owners:

Getting Cut Off in Traffic

No one condones road rage, but when someone mindlessly veers in front of you in traffic, it’s enough to make sensible drivers go mental. You’re justified to get angry; first, such behaviours expose your car to damage. In case a collision occurs your insurance goes up, there’s cost of medical treatments and a probability of incurring physical injuries. You may feel the desire to cut some off but remember how mad it would make you feel.

Locking Yourself Out of the Car

It’s likely to happen, and before you know it you’re jamming a wire hanger between the door and window to unhinge the lock. Even with a slim Jim (a flat piece of metal) opening the lock can be the most frustrating activity you can do. You’re left seeking the services of a professional locksmith since smashing the window is not a reasonable option. For older cars, you may have luck opening a locked car door, but for modern vehicles, it’s a futile endeavour.

Battery Is Lifeless, and the Car Won’t Start

It’s early in the morning you’re already late for work, but the car won’t start. It’s easy to blame the vehicle and go into a mad fit till you realise the headlights were not switched off. Battery failure can happen when the driver fails to maintain the recommended water-level or clean corrosion on the terminals. Conduct periodic maintenance and checks on the battery to make it last longer.

Flat Tire

Although punctures are frequent and recurring, less than half drivers know how to fix a flat and the number is lower for teenage drivers. Fixing a flat tire is a simple, and should not stress anyone. All car makers provide an instructional manual with every jack – familiarise yourself with the procedure to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

Driving at Night

One other pain many drivers grapple with is driving at night. Reduced visibility and drivers, who have their headlights at full beam, make it also dangerous. To keep yourself safe and comfortable at night never stare directly at the approaching vehicle, slow down, and maintain distance on the inside lane.

Ultimately driving should be fun and something you love doing. Remember that no matter what car you’re driving, new or old, some of these misfortunes are likely to occur. Visit us for more advice.