The Top 8 Myths About Buying Used Cars

used car buying mythsIt’s fair to say that we’ve heard pretty much every myth in the book when it comes to buying a used car. To be totally honest, some of them aren’t just wrong, they’re completely outdated. We want to set the record straight, so that you don’t fall for myths when you’re in the market for a used car.

Myth 1: Wait till The Last Minute

Dealers refer to this method as parachuting the trade. If you wait till the last minute to bring up your trade-in it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteeing a change in the numbers. What it does do is slow the process down, and ensure you’ll be spending more time at the dealership.

Myth 2: Rainy Days Are Better for Buying

Some people believe that rainy days are slower sale days, so you’re guaranteed to snag a better deal. Unfortunately, many people believe this to be true, so rainy days tend to be the busy days.

Myth 3: Private Sales Get Better Deals

You may get a great deal with a private seller, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting a great car. A private seller will withhold information about car problems. When you buy from a dealership you can expect an honest breakdown of the car’s condition.

Myth 4: Lower Mileage Is Everything

We’ve been long taught to jump at cars with low mileage. Remember, even if a car has low mileage, if it wasn’t taken care of then it may be prone to breakdowns.

Myth 5: Trick the Dealer

Dealers are experienced in selling cars, trying to dress up in a bid to bluff a dealer won’t work. The dealer knows the cars on the lot, and they’ll provide you with the best deal possible.

Myth 6: A Magazine Review Is Everything

More people have turned to auto magazines to get the lowdown on cars. While you may learn new and interesting information, you should take the time to compare cars yourself. You’ll be driving it, so make sure you test drive them to get a good idea.

Myth 7: A Blank History Is a Positive

The vehicle’s history report offers vital information; however, it can’t include the potential for future issues, nor can it tell you about whether previous repairs were done properly.

Myth 8: Guide Prices Are Definitive

Don’t hold up car guide prices as more than they are, the prices in these guides are just that- a guide. The price is calculated on trends in the area, as well as mileage and optional equipment. The guide can’t predict this, nor can it deduct for past damage or existing issues.

Buying a used car is just as big a decision as buying a brand-new car. You should always take the time to do thorough research. Before you agree to anything, inspect the car while it’s on the lot, and always go for a test drive. Publications can’t tell you everything, because they haven’t inspected the very car(s) you are interested in. Every car is unique, just like you.