trunk lid light replacement

Symptoms of a Failing Trunk Light

LED light bulbs were introduced as a new and efficient product that would replace all standard filament bulbs. This didn’t turn out to be the case as most car manufacturers decided to stick with the standard light bulbs. This vehicle part is often overlooked when people take their automobiles for routine service and maintenance.

What is the truck light bulb?

The trunk light bulb is a small light bulb that is located on the top part of a car’s trunk. Its primary function is to light up the trunk when the lid is opened. Since it is seldom used, the trunk light bulb can last for years. However, like any standard light bulb, it is susceptible to breaking or wearing out due to age or in some cases, due to sudden car movements that can break the filament inside.

For the car owner, it is pretty easy to know when the trunk light bulb is damaged and needs to be replaced. The following are a few common warning signs that might alert you that your bulb’s lifespan is at an end and needs to be replaced.

Common warning signs to look out for when a trunk light bulb needs to be replaced

Light bulb is dimmer than normal

Trunk light bulbs produce light when electrical current flows through the light bulb. The filaments in these bulbs produce this light. Over the course of time, the filaments begin to wear out. The end result of this is that the light bulb starts illuminating the trunk in a much dimmer light than it normally does. Most car owners don’t pay much attention to the brightness of their trunk light bulb and end up ignoring this warning sign.

If you open your trunk and the bulb is producing a rather dim light, take the initiative and take your car to your mechanic. They will remove and replace the trunk light bulb. It is a rather simple task to do but it is advisable to leave the professionals to do it.

Light bulb burns brighter than normal

On the flip side, if the light bulb burns brighter than usual, it might be starting to wear out or malfunctioning. It may be caused by an inconsistent flow of electricity to the bulb. It may also be due to the wear and tear of the filaments.

If you notice these signs, you should:

Contact a mechanic to replace the light bulb for you. This should be the go-to option for any car owner. If you own new model cars you should also turn to professionals as the light bulbs in these cars is rather hard and complex to access. A professional will handle the job in a time efficient manner and will have all the right tools needed to complete the job.

As a last result, you could replace the light bulb yourself. It is a rather simple process that varies depending on the type and model of car you own.