Steps to Follow When Buying a Used Car

Every year, people are disposing of their used car to buy a new one. This leaves second-hand car lovers spoiled for choices. Used cars can be a great buy, and this makes things even more complicated for the buyer. One complication is that you have multiple choices and a second is that you can afford several of them. How do you arrive at the right choice? The following procedure may help you make the right decision.

Set Your Budget

Before going to the dealership to check the available options, determine how much you would like to spend on the used car. Don’t stretch yourself as you will have to include insurance, running costs, and maintenance.

Determine the Model of the Car You Want to Buy

This will depend on your taste and preferences. However, the general rule when buying a car whether used or new is that you compare the operational cost and the maintenance cost. Bear in mind that smaller engines are cheaper to run. A 1.0- liter car is cheaper to run compared to a 2-0 liter car. Secondly, the Toyotas are generally cheaper to run than other models like Subaru and BMW.

Check the Prices

Now that you have a budget and the brand go to the dealership and check the prices. You can even do this online. You can compare the set price to the average price that a similar car is sold for elsewhere.

Check the Car History

You should avoid buying cars without checking the cars history. A reputable dealer will have previous buyer information available for you.

Meet Your Salesperson and Do a Test Drive

Do your test drive, and try to drive routes that are similar to the ones you will use in your regular driving. For example, if it’s highway driving, do you have enough pickup if you need it, to get you out of trouble? Once you are satisfied the car is in good condition, you can start the negotiation process. Get the best deal you can by negotiating with the salesperson. If you are not a strong negotiator, bring someone you know along to help you.


When buying a used car, always take your time don’t rush over decisions. Happy driving!