2014 Subaru ForesterAll new cars are subjected to basic safety checks such as crash tests to determine if they are safe. Only then do the automakers get to roll out their models. Of course the kind of advanced safety features you get will depend on the brand, model and the price. Less expensive cars have basic safety features. The more expensive cars will have state-of-the-art sensors and several other safety systems to protect the driver and the occupants of the vehicle at all times.

When you buy a used car, you shouldn’t compromise on its safety. You need to ensure that a used car is just as safe as a new one. This is one reason why people buy certified used cars.

Every brand and model has a certain way of ageing. Some cars remain sturdy and safe even after ten years of extensive driving. Some cars go kaput in just a few years – although quality on all vehicles continues to improve. Here are some of the safest used cars that you can buy for yourself or for your kids.
• Honda Accord is a relatively affordable and a safe used car to consider. It is one of the top rated sedans in the country right now. It is a spacious sedan, good enough for five people, the boot space is sufficient, the engine is reliable and you get the basic safety features. Among all the Accords, the 2012 model is the safest.
• Volvo has always been considered a safe automaker. While it is more popular for its powerful engines, the Volvo S80 is a very wise purchase. S80 was ahead of its time when it was first launched, keeping in line with the company’s commitment to come up with latest safety measures. It still remains one of the best and safest used cars.
• Subaru Forester is hailed as the safest car by many. Even if you dispute that, it is easily the safest used car among small SUVs. It can be a little costly if you are planning to buy a used one but the additional investment would be worthwhile.