2015-mitsubishi-mirage-esWhen the time comes to purchase your first or replacement vehicle then you will more than likely have seen the benefits to buying used. The first is that you are not hit by the fast depreciation of purchasing new where even after just a week of ownership, should you resell you could lose out on thousands. Most people settle between the option of purchasing from a private seller or a dealership. Going through a private seller could save you money in the short term, however the laws surrounding private sales and your rights are limited meaning that your bargain could very well be a lemon. The safest option by far is to instead use a dealership.

With private sales you can pick a vehicle that looks great on the outside but unless you know what to look for under the hood you could find that you’re beautiful new ride is letting you down. Private sellers sell as seen and are not required to tell you what’s wrong with it. This could mean you need pay out a lot of money to get the reliability you need. If you do choose private then the best option is to bring someone with you that knows about cars and what to look out for.

Depending on where you live any vehicle that is more than 5 years old has to undergo tests and get a road safety certificate. This shows that the car has been looked over to ensure that the minimum safety checks have been achieved. Although a private seller may have this certification it does only cover the basics. The basics may not cover an underlying serious problem that is likely to rear its head in the near future.

The difference between purchasing at a dealership rather than a private seller is that you will have a statutory warranty. This will mean that should any defects be found after the purchase you will be able to return it for repair without charge. Some dealerships offer extra warranties.  You do not have this cover when you purchase from a private seller which will mean anything that goes wrong once you have completed the transaction is your responsibility to repair.

When you purchase from a dealership you know that the vehicle is legal, roadworthy and that there are no finance debts. If you currently have a vehicle and don’t want the hassle of having to sell it and invite strangers to your address then you can part exchange to save money on your purchase. This in itself saves you time and you could even get finance on your next vehicle which will allow you to spread repayments rather than have to part with a lump sum of cash straight away. It could allow you to get the vehicle you have always wanted but did not think was affordable.

When it comes to getting a used car you get more protection from a dealership. Why take the chance and get landed with a lemon?