bmw i series

Reasons to Own a BMW over Other Car Brands

Luxury. It is not a basic need but it’s something everyone strives for. When it comes to luxury vehicles, the big name brands that come up include BMW, Range Rover, Bentley, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. These brands have built a reputation in the luxury brand of automobiles by incorporating luxury features and industry-leading features into a comfortable and performance-apt vehicle. For me, the BMW brand stands out from the rest of the other brands. Many car lovers will give you plenty of reasons to go with a BMW as opposed to a Mercedes-Benz or Range Rover. Their diverse reasons involve simplistic factors such as brand loyalty or pure car performance, there are a number of more factors to consider. The following is a breakdown of some of these features.

Leading innovations

One major reason drivers prefer the German automobile is its rich history of embracing innovation. The company aims to create the best car by pushing the limits of innovation. This simple fact is evident when you examine any BMW car. They were among the first car manufacturers to switch from the naturally aspirated engine to the turbocharged engine. This gave BMW cars more power without compromising the car’s fuel efficiency.

Recently, the company introduced the ‘i series’ which is a sub-brand of BMW that focuses on adapting advanced technologies in the cars to help the preservation of the environment. This aspect has played well with consumers who are environmentally conscious and we can’t blame them. This brand of BMW delivers relentless performance while having a positive impact on the environment. The cars in this series produce fewer emissions and even embrace the electric trend of cars.


When it comes to luxury brands, the price range of these vehicles is usually out of range for most people. When you compare the prices of BMW vehicles you will find that they are cheaper than their counterparts from Mercedes-Benz or Porsche. Most people are ignorant of this fact and that is why they will choose the other brands over the BMW’s. Owning a BMW is also pocket-friendly as you will get better performance and car durability from the German car.

Performance, Safety, and Quality

No car enthusiast will argue against BMW when it comes to performance, safety, and quality. Any automobile from this luxury car brand is designed to provide safety when driving it or in case of an accident. The cars also boast of top of the line security systems such as laser cut keys that make them very hard to steal. The quality of work put into the car is also to be marveled at. BMW technicians spare no expense when building the interior of the cars. They equip the cars with comfortable leather seats, high-quality sound systems, GPS and much more.


These are just a few reasons why drivers such as you and me need to own BMWs over other car brands. It is often said that once you own a BMW, you will never want to buy any car from other car brands.