buying a used carAre you thinking of buying a car? New cars can be expensive. The best solution for you may be to used. Let’s take a look at the reasons to buy a used car.

Save Money

The first reason is to save money. You can save thousands of dollars by getting a used car. Quality is continually improving in most makes, so cars are lasting longer than they did 20 years ago. This makes buying used a smart idea.

Decrease in Insurance Cost

The insurance cost of a car is determined by its value. A used car has less value, so the insurance cost will be less. You can also save more money on insurance by dropping some policy features that may be unnecessary for a used car.

Slower Depreciation

When you drive your new car off the lot, it depreciates by 10% – 20%. Buying used can save you much of this loss in depreciation should you decide to sell the car in a few years.

Have Peace of Mind

Purchasing a used car brings higher risk, since you don’t know how it was driven. Companies that offer vehicle history reports can be helpful in offering peace of mind. You are also likely to have more risk by buying privately. Buying from a used car dealer with guarantees is a safer option. Also, the used car dealer is sensitive to their reputation and is less likely to sell you a product that will disappoint

Therefore, buying a used car today is a great option. By purchasing a used car you can save money and have cheaper insurance. The best place to get used car in Victoria? From Howie’s Car Corral of course. We are a specialists in used cars servicing right on your lot. We inspect all of our vehicles to ensure they are safe to drive and don’t have any hidden problems for our customers.