2014-ford-fiesta-sedanIf you have a low credit score because of problems you have had in the past then you may find it difficult to get credit for the things you need and can’t afford to pay for outright. Getting a mortgage can be problematic as can getting loans from your bank or credit cards. When you purchase a used car from a dealership you may think that you are going to get turned away because of marks on your credit rating, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

In many cases people will think they can’t afford dealership prices so will instead opt for buying vehicles privately for a low price. The problem with buying privately is that you don’t have the same cover as you would buying from a dealership. This can mean that you don’t have any recourse should anything go wrong with your vehicle as it is sold as seen. You may have to re-sell or even scrap it so that you can re-coup some of the money that has been spent. With a dealership you have both a warranty and the paperwork will be legally binding so that you have the cover you need should you need it. The vehicles sold at Howie’s Car Corral have all been inspected, repaired and reconditioned and there are a good number of vehicles to choose from.  Being able to get credit with Howie’s Car Corral will allow you to get the car you need rather than the one you think you can afford but doesn’t quite meet your needs.

Many of the vehicles are nearly new and have the mod cons that today’s drivers need.  Rather than purchasing new and losing out to fast depreciation you could get the benefit of a nearly new vehicle without the associated price tag. Whatever problems you have faced in the past you will be able to get a vehicle from Howie’s so long as you can show that the repayments are affordable. The reason why it is easier to get a vehicle on HP is that the car itself acts as collateral so should payments not be remade the vehicle will be taken back.

Howie’s Car Corral believes that mistakes in the past should not affect your ability to get the vehicle you want at an affordable price.  Whether you purchase outright or choose one of the finance options you will be pleased to know that Howie’s Car Corral service does not stop once the paperwork has been signed. They pride themselves on being honest and valuing customers offering each and every one a great after-service which is proven by their membership with the Better Business Bureau.  In 2013 they were awarded for their trustworthiness showing how transparent they are and the trust customers have as a result.

Why settle for second best, you may have bad credit but you can still get the right car for you and your family no matter what mistakes you have made in the past.