Price and Comfort Determine New or Used Vehicle Purchase

comsumer report on buying used carsMost vehicle purchases start out with the question, “Should I buy new or used?” For many people, the answer to that question is based on how much money they are able to spend on a vehicle, with amenities and perks also coming into play. Personal comfort factor, in the form of possibly having to detail with repairs sooner with a pre-owned vehicle must also be considered. In the end, however, the case comes down to the amount of money you can spend, available financing and how much car you want for the money.

The Case for Purchasing New

There’s nothing like that new car smell. For some people, having the ability to choose color, trim and certain options is essential. Reduced maintenance expense is also a big factor as for the first several thousand miles only oil changes and tuneups will be required. Many manufacturers are even covering those costs these days. Bumper-to-bumper warranties, which typically last at least three years or 36,000 miles, cover specified defects and make it the responsibility of the dealer and manufacturer to fix it. In addition, many come with powertrain warranties that extend up to 10 years of 100,000 miles.

Almost all new vehicles now come with some type of free roadside assistance while the vehicle remains under warranty. Some manufacturers will even provide you with alternate transportation if you are stranded far from home.

The Case for Buying Used

Let’s face it, cars depreciate quickly. While very few new vehicles are on the market for under $12,000, savvy buyers can find many different, reliable vehicles in that price range. As the price goes up, so do the number of options, often allowing you to get the car of your dreams, albeit one that is a few years old. The used car market has also changed dramatically over the past few years. In short, today’s vehicles are simply made better, which translates into increased reliability. Although you may need tires and brakes sooner than with a new vehicle, most likely you won’t need much else. Original warranties often transfer from one owner to the next, offering protection.

The proliferation of certified pre-owned vehicle programs, started several years ago by luxury manufacturers, has spread throughout the industry. At Howie’s Car Corral, we thoroughly inspect all newer vehicles, will provide documentation to you on reconditioning and overall vehicle history.