2006 JettaWhat is it about cars? Why do we love them so much? We need them for transportation, especially since we’ve moved away from the model of small communities where you can shop and work and live in close proximity.

But it’s more than transportation. For many people, vehicles are an important part of the image they want to present. And auto manufacturers fall over each other trying to give us what we want – not an easy task. Not only do they need to satisfy current safety standards and stuff like fuel economy but they need to cater to our sense of style and give us vehicles that we enjoy looking at and riding in.

It’s no wonder we have so much choice today. Not only do we have dozens of distinct vehicle types, but within those types there are numerous variations including colour, engine size and many other options.

Due to competition, cars today are relatively inexpensive when compared to past models. That certainly can’t be said of many items that many of us consider essential including housing.

So now is as good a time as any (and better than most) to pick up a new or used vehicle. Car manufacturers and dealers are hungry for sales and the choice and quality of cars and trucks had never been better.

We hope that we can help you with choosing your next vehicle at Howie’s Car Corral. Have a look around and contact us for more information. We have new stock coming in constantly.