Howie’s Car Corral – Used Car Dealer Victoria

Howie’s Car Corral is one of the top used car dealers in Victoria BC. The Corral prides itself on great customer service. Owner Howie Mace says that is really the best way to differentiate their business from all the others selling used vehicles in the Victoria area.

Being open and honest is front-and-centre with Howie. He says “we have nothing to hide here. My name is on the vehicle I drive every day, and I’m proud to drive around with my name on the truck.”

To accomplish their selling goals Howie says they are ‘very laid back’. The guys are all professional, but also down-to-earth. He finds that people like that kind of no-pressure service.

Employees are top-notch. Howie says he spends more time with them than with his family, so he wants to ensure they are good people.

Specializing in quality used vehicles — used cars, mini-vans, SUV’s, trucks, the mechanics at the Car Corral do a top-to-bottom inspection of every vehicle before it’s put on the car lot. It’s because of this that Howie has very few issues with vehicles once they are sold. Victoria customers are happy, and come back to the Car Corral for auto servicing.

The Car Corral also has financing on-site, to help people who need to get a little more cash together for their purchase.

Let’s face it, your vehicle is probably the most expensive single item you will purchase after your home. It’s worth getting a good quality car or truck to reduce maintenance costs in the long-run. There is no need to buy new. Save some money, get a great vehicle, and have peace-of-mind by buying at one of the top used car dealers in Victoria BC — Howie’s Car Corral.

To learn more, watch the video below and catch an interview with Howie.