T2014 Ford Fiesta SE Sedanhere’s nothing like getting a brand new vehicle. New cars feel fresh and clean, fully loaded and ready to meet any of your demands.

Then again, there’s nothing like knowing you have found the absolute best value for your money. Pre-owned vehicles have lower insurance costs and don’t suffer from the massive depreciation of new autos. It’s nice to know your vehicle won’t lose nearly half it’s value as soon as you step off the lot.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have it both ways? Well you can, almost. With a little elbow grease and spare time, you’d be surprised how easy it is to make a used car feel brand new. Here are some tips to get you started.

Make-over the Exterior

Feeling like new means looking like new, and that means a thorough treatment of the car’s exterior is in order. First, treat the outside to a thorough deep cleaning with plain, mild liquid soap as preparation for the works: waxing and detailing.

You can do a professional quality waxing and detailing at home with the right materials. Mothers, for instance, has a well-respected lineup of spitshine products that will do the trick. Hint: Always use microfiber cloths. Don’t forget to clean the door jambs and trim. If your vehicle hasn’t been detailed in a long time – or ever – you may need a clay bar and lube to remove the worst stains.

Reanimate the Interior

Assuming you don’t have thousands of dollars lying around to spend on upgrades, the best way to rejuvenate your beater is by targeting the parts that have the most immediate impact on how you see and experience the vehicle.

On the inside, this means focusing on the front cockpit. The dashboard is too prominent to ignore. Wipe it down to remove stains and dust. If needed, give it a new coat of paint. Invest in a new set of gauges to personalize your efforts. Clean the upholstery and other interior surfaces as well, focusing especially on the parts you touch the most – the steering wheel, seat belt, driver’s side door panel, and driver’s side butt cushion.

New accessories are a lot cheaper than new cars. Cheap and easy interior fixes that make a noticeable difference include steering wheel covers and seat covers. Also, consider replacing the front seat cushions entirely. Fresh foam can transform how pleasant it feels to drive your car.