In Ford 2010 F150an article in Driving magazine, Lorraine Sommerfeld writes that “The car buying public is a tricky thing. Fickle in many respects, predictable in few, we say we want one thing and then we buy another. What do we want? We want environmentally friendly smaller cars. When do we want it? We want it now. What do we buy? Pickup trucks.”

She says that although you might think that rising gas prices would convince many people not to buy bigger vehicles like trucks, the reality is that people get use to the higher prices and go for the bigger gas-guzzling vehicle. Sub-compacts are also doing well, but even some who buy these regret it later and upgrade to a larger mode of transportation.

And what about electric cars? Well, it seems that despite the genius and money put into their development, many folks are nervous about being ‘first in the water’ when it comes to one of these.

So are we fickle when it comes to buying a vehicle? Seems there is a lot of truth in it.