Kia CarsKia is a brand that came about around 1952 in Korea. It was originally a brand that manufactured bicycle parts as well as steel pipes (which were manufactured by hand), under the name Kyunsung prior to 1952. In 1952, the name was switch to Kia which is how we know the brand though they were known at this time for making bicycles. Eventually they went onto manufacturing motorcycles up until 1962. When Kia realized just how profitable the automobile industry is, they decided it was a great idea for them to begin producing buses, trucks, and commercial vehicles. Here is a look at how this brand continued to evolve after this.

Kia had signed an agreement in 1975 with Mazda, where they started the production of the Brisa models up until 1981. Kia was only able to sell 26 of these cars at first but the following year they sold 95,000. In addition to this range of cars, they also began manufacturing the popular Pride and Avella models. The 80s brought the popular Bongo Van, which was a hit worldwide. 3 years after this, the Seres truck was introduced. At the same time, Kia had an agreement with Ford that allowed them to sell the Avella cars as the Aspire and the Festiva.

In 1992, this company founded Kia Motors America where they would begin selling their cars in the United States. They made their American debut with such models as the popular Sephia and Sportage models in addition to the Towner Coach and Potentia. These cars became increasingly popular as the 90s went on, which would require them to increase their production. This meant that at the end of this decade, the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group was founded.

As their products became more popular, Kia had a goal in mind where they not only wanted to make incredibly affordable cars but they also wanted to create beautifully designed ones. To accomplish this, the company hired one of the leading car designers in the industry to redesign their line of cars. Formerly of companies like Volkswagen and Audi, Peter Schreyer was known for such sleek looking cars as the 1997 New Beetle and the 1998 TT Roadster. As a result of his designs, Kia and Hyundai were able to create luxurious looking vehicles that offered the sleek design of a brand like Mercedes at a price that more people could afford.

Kia is a company that understands that they need to evolve with the industry. Not only do they want to evolve with the industry, they want to be industry leaders that stay ahead of the curve. This company certainly had its ups and downs, but since the partnership with Hyundai they have only been finding success. These are popular cars for a variety of reasons including design, warranty, and its many standard features. It is going to be very exciting to see what this company comes out with next. They are always continuing to surprise consumers with their new designs and features.