Used Cars for Sale in Victoria

Cars and Your LifeStyle

The type of vehicle you choose will often be influenced by numerous factors, and these will change at different times of your life. Your first car will likely be influenced by how much money you have – probably not much if you are buying it as a teen. It will also reflect your activity preferences as well as where you live. For example, a university student living in Victoria, BC, will have different vehicle needs than a full-time trades worker who surfs in Tofino, BC, each weekend.


Many car companies use a lifestyle approach to promote certain cars to specific groups of people. In this article, we help you determine what type of car suits your current lifestyle.

The First Car

During our early, seemingly carefree years, a car will often be selected based on affordability and having fun. Flashier colours, sleek interiors, and sporty looking exteriors are common selling features in most entry-level vehicle models, such as the Honda Civic, for example. 


Most first-time car buyers opt to purchase a quality used vehicle from a trusted dealership instead of a brand new one right off-the-lot. This is because used vehicles typically provide more bang for your buck than new cars. This is appealing to both first-time car buyers and those shopping for the next reliable vehicle suitable for their developing lifestyle. 


On Vancouver Island, vehicles often last longer than in other parts of Canada due to the mild climate. For first-time buyers of cars and trucks, this means there is a good selection of quality used vehicles to take advantage of.Used Car Dealership Near Me


When choosing your first vehicle, we recommend the following tips to help you have an informed, and stress-free used car shopping experience.


  • Request to see the vehicle’s history, including a CarFax report.
  • Take the car for a test drive. Is the car comfortable for your driving needs? Are all the interior features, like AC, power windows, and power locks in good condition? 
  • Will the vehicle support your driving needs?
  • Does the vehicle require repairs, and if so, what would those repairs cost to have completed?
  • What warranty comes with the automobile?
  • What maintenance will the vehicle need?


There are many other factors to consider when buying your first vehicle, but these basics are a good starting point. 

The Family Car

When the time comes for your family to grow, it might be time to opt for a vehicle that addresses emerging family’s needs. A family car will likely be decided on for increased safety and space as these features become more important once you have children. 


Vehicles that families purchase often have increased storage capacity, more passenger seating options, and family-friendly features, — such as rear-seat entertainment systems– than a standard car. A good family vehicle should be versatile and reliable.


Used Cars VictoriaUsed vehicles are also ideal for families because of their affordability compared to new cars. Gently used minivans and SUVs offer the same safety standards, entertainment options, and reliability as brand new vehicles but they can be purchased at a fraction of the cost.

The Commuter Car

After purchasing a family car, many families need a second vehicle for one of the working parents to use for traveling to and from work. Second vehicles, often referred to as commuter cars, tend to be compact, less expensive, and more fuel-efficient than the family’s primary vehicle.


Anyone wanting a commuter car, or who is concerned about the environment, will likely be checking out fuel-efficient vehicles, such as hybrids or electric vehicles. As electric vehicle technology becomes more efficient and user-friendly, we are seeing a higher amount of hybrid and zero-emission vehicles on the road and in quality used car lots.


Pre-owned hybrid and electric vehicles are an economical way to explore the new type of engine while cutting costs connected to ownership.

The Recreational Vehicle

As time goes on, families grow and change, and so do their needs. This leads to evolving preferences for the type, style, and the number of vehicles essential to the family’s new life stage. Perhaps adding a recreational vehicle to the family’s assets is desired. Or, a truck that can haul a boat has become a necessity.


When the time comes for you to buy a recreational vehicle, be sure to consider used RV dealers with a proven commitment to their customers. For example, at Howie’s Car Corral, we offer discounted maintenance fees to everyone who purchases a vehicle from our inventory. 


And, be sure you have the right vehicle for your needs. For example, if you plan on pulling a trailer to explore Vancouver Island’s many sights, you may have to sacrifice fuel economy. This may mean the purchase of a Ford Escape over a Mini.

Used RVs Near MeThere’s a Used Vehicle for Every Life Stage

Different stages of your life will dictate different choices when it comes to vehicles. Economics and driving needs will frame your buying decision. Car manufacturers are well aware of these issues and target their advertising accordingly. The next time you watch a car commercial, take a look at the people being featured in the ad. Do they include your age group? If so, is the vehicle one that you might buy? When you find you’re drawn to a specific type of vehicle, be sure to explore your used-vehicle purchasing options before committing to a final decision.