buying a used car checklistDo you want a new car but you can’t afford one? Then opting for a good used car can be the next best thing, it all comes down to you to choose which car is best for you. But even if you are a little confused with so many options, here are the best methods you can use in order to get a very good used car.

Check your requirements
Some need a car for the entire family, others want a sports car while others just want a cheap vehicle. Depending on that you will need to focus on a specific budget and models. Identifying your requests is the best way to understand what type of vehicle you want and the price range you are working with.

Do you need towing?
Some people want to use the car for towing or they want it to fit in a small place. Size does matter in this regard and you should take that into consideration.

The more mileage the car has, the cheaper it should be. Keep in mind that there are situations where the previous owner will try to reset the mileage in order for the car to seem newer. Make sure that you avoid these tricks otherwise you will end up overspending on an old car.
See insurance costs
There are many categories you can fall in depending on your car, so try to figure out how expensive will the insurance get. If it will be expensive, chances are you will opt for another model. A similar situation comes in the case of taxes.

See if there are scratches or dents
Dents and scratches might seem minor at first but they might show how bad the car condition might be. Ideally, you want a car without such problems or only a few of them.

See the service table
The service table will show how many repairs and maintenance tasks were performed on the vehicle. Some vehicles were repaired more than others, so obviously you want one with as fewer repairs as possible.

Check the engine and oil
Check the oil levels to ensure that they are correct. You will also need to check the engine for water or oil leaks and make sure that there are no issues. It’s also a good idea to check the gadgets and other features in the car to ensure that they work properly.

Turn on the lights
This will allow you to see whether the lighting system works or not. You should try to do this at first and then you need to check the engine and other systems.

Check the tires
Ideally, you want a car that has good tires and which doesn’t require a tire change. It will be a very good idea to check the tires as this can bring additional costs in the long run.

Do a test drive
Obviously the best way to ensure that the car is running properly is to test it out. Ask for a test drive as that’s when you will see if the signaling works ok, if the drive wheel is still and all those small things that might be a problem.
Don’t hesitate and follow these instruction as they will help you select a good car for you. Make sure that you keep them in mind as that’s what will offer you the guidance and help you need for selecting a good, reliable car.