Vehicles for the apocalypseArmageddon cometh. Whenever and however it does, how will you escape?

Ice Age: Subaru Outback
Maybe a misplaced nuclear warhead unleashes nuclear winter. Maybe polar carbon dioxide sparks the next ice age. However the cold comes, it will come with force, and it will be met with the Subaru Outback. A long-standing favorite of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Outback is a five-passenger wagon with 22.6 centimeters of ground clearance and standard full-time all-wheel drive. Outfitted with snow tires, it is unstoppable, and it boasts an engine that couldn’t be killed by a .45.

Zombie Apocalypse: Mercedes-Benz G550
Surviving the zombie apocalypse requires Ramen noodles, an AR-15 and supreme off-road prowess. In other words, it requires the Mercedes-Benz G550. The monster trucklette has superb 360-degree visibility, a burbling 382-horsepower V8 and three – three – locking differentials. No trail or zombie stands a chance. Alternatives include a semi-truck cab or Unimog.

Stock Market Crash: Honda Accord Hybrid Touring
Once government credit is ruined, the securities market will implode, and frightened mobs will tear down the urban skyline. The best solution is to blend in and slip away with the unassuming Honda Accord Hybrid, which claims a whopping fuel efficiency of 5 liter per 100 kilometers. Most importantly, it has a rearview camera to keep nightly watch and a GPS navigation system to navigate urban labyrinths.

Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Nissan Leaf SV
Once machines can out-think their makers, they will attempt to make man into servants or, worse, food sources. Escaping requires camouflage. Blend in with other plug-in machines with the all-electric Nissan LEAF, the world’s best-selling electric vehicle. It has a range of approximately 113 kilometers. Available in three trims, the LEAF features standard heated seats for cold Canadian winters and smartphone integration so you can stream Pandora music, input navigation commands or negotiate wirelessly with the robots.

North Korea Invasion: Cadillac CTS-V Wagon
Escaping the fanaticism of North Korea takes two things: speed and guts. Get both with the Cadillac CTS-V Sedan, the fastest production wagon in the world. It features a monstrous 556-horsepower V8 engine, pizza-sized Brembo disc brakes and 1.64 cubic meters’ worth of storage or sleeping space. It screeches from 0-100 kph in just four seconds, fast enough to escape any foot soldier from the North Korean People’s Army.