best used cars in last decadeIf you’ve shopped around for a used car lately, you may have noticed that a glut of good, late model vehicles have come on the market in the past few months. The reason for this increased number is that a high number of lease agreements between dealers and consumers occurred in 2012. These leases have now expired and the lessees have moved onto other vehicles.

You may have also heard about the recent Consumer Reports rankings detailing the best and worst car manufacturers based on reliability and road test performance. Lexus topped the list, followed by Mazda, Toyota and Audi, while Ford, Dodge, Mini, Jeep and Fiat sat at the bottom.

Plenty of good used models come from the middle of the pack too. Take a look at the following cars when shopping for a good used vehicle.



Toyota Prius (2010-2013) The Prius is the car that made hybrids go mainstream. A Restyling in 2010 gave this vehicle a sporty look that made it even more attractive. With models on the road for more than a decade now, the Prius has outlived concerns that battery packs wouldn’t last or cost a fortune to replace.

Kia Soul (20110-2013) Boxy yet stylish, and available in hatchback and sedan styles, the Kia Soul isn’t just comfortable and fun for hamsters to drive.  It’s a great car for young and old alike, has lots of cargo space and features and is an IIHS Top Safety Pick.



Toyota Camry (2010-2013) Toyota has sold thousands upon thousands of this family car since its debut and with good reason: it’s dead-on reliable. Opt for the SE trim and you get a few bells and whistle that make it fun to drive.

Honda Civic (2013-2014) While the exteriors of later models aren’t as good looking as their predecessors, cars from these model years have excellent interior, braking and suspension upgrades.  Reliability remains excellent, while the Civic also earns an IIHS Top Safety Pick.



Lexus RX 350 (2011) A sleek exterior along with a bunch of safety features make this car a winner if you’re looking to go upscale at a good price.  Ten airbags, Bluetooth and a nine-speaker sound system are standard.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2011) If you think a Mercedes is out of your price range, think again. This German manufacturer has set the standard for safety with the E-Class Sedan at the top of the value range.