used cars unfer $10,000 - Subaru ImprezaPurchasing a car? Depending on the budget you have for this purchase, your choice can drastically change. In order to help you with this riddle, we are suggesting a list of best used cars under $10,000 that you can take a look into.

Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza is a great choice if, beside the everyday, regular drive, you have a big family to drive to a shopping mall on Sunday. Also, this is a great choice for those who love winter and snow, for it performs perfectly on the roads covered with snow – heading to your dream winter destination.
The big advantage of the Subaru Impreza is, without any doubt, its standard all-wheel drive. Standard all-wheel drive is a perfect companion for managing low-traction situations. You can look for a third generation of the models of Subaru Impreza and find out that those are available for less than $10,000. Your family would love this one, correct?

Honda Civic

The main actress of Beauty and the beast should definitely be Honda Civic. It can easily play the part of the beauty – for its exceedingly beautiful look and the beast – for its strength. The car itself can be found within the $10,000 budget for a used model. Also, keep in mind that its repair costs that are truly inexpensive keep this car high on the used-car-for-buying scale. Those who have lower mileage will, reasonably, try to push higher the price and intent to make you buy an older model than 2006 – 2011 but keep looking because very often you can find a perfect, newer model of Honda Civic within a $10,000 budget.

Infiniti G35

Does Infiniti mean without limits? It does! Infiniti G35 was made as a direct reply to the creation of BMW 3 Series luxury sedan. This reliable car will keep you perfectly safe during the drive. Infiniti G35 is not exceedingly expensive to purchase as a used car. If a car 8 to 10 years old is good enough for you, you can have a perfectly comfortable, safe and powerful car for less than $10,000.

Toyota Corolla

Yes! That sedan that you remember from the calendar photos! Toyota Corolla has been used by a lot of drivers so far and its compact lines make it one of the most sought after used cars in the last ten years. The kind of smooth and comfortable transportation that it provides drivers with is something well-known. If you are a lover of spottiness and that kind of car’s looks, you are surely aware of the S model of the car but keep in mind that this one would not give you the fuel-economic touch that the standard model of Toyota Corolla will. The standard model is made to spend as little gas as possible per mile, and this is why you should consider purchasing it (even if you are not a travel lover and want to use your car a lot).
So, which one of those should be your choice?