Driving Across AmericaMother Nature has blessed America with all. Beautiful wildlife, oceans, beaches, mountains, lakes, deserts etc., you just name it and you’ll see it. Studies suggest it is better for your health if you should go and see exotic places every year. Here we have compiled a list of places you can go to this summer with your friends.

Southern Colorado Loop
If you love to hike and sightseeing then this one is definitely for you. The place is packed with everything a hiker could wish for. Mountains, forest, wildlife and a clear view of the Milky Way at night is what keeps the people coming here.

Grand Canyon – Utah
The Grand Canyon covering miles in Utah is another place you’d love to see this summer. The place is littered with beautiful views. At sunset, the area turns red which is a must see a thing. Pack your luggage now and head out for this heavenly place.

All American Highway – Montana
All American Highway goes across the whole of the American contents. It starts in the North edges of Alaska and ends on the beaches of Argentina. The most magnificent view, however, is in the state of Montana. Take on this road and enjoy the time of your life.

Pacific Coast Highway
This highway hosts the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The coastal winds refreshing your mind while the beautiful view filling your inner soul with contentment. It starts from the beautiful beaches of Los Angles and ends in San Francisco. It surely is one of those rides worth all your time and effort.

Route 66 – New Mexico
One of the oldest roads in the US, it is also known as Main Street of America. The road is long and full of adventures. With vast desert and wilderness all over, it is one of the most serene places in all of the America.

Drive On Water at I-90
One of the highways joining different states, it extends from Washington to Massachusetts. The road is full of beautiful scenery, exotic food, and fun loving people. You should definitely take a trip on the road once in your lifetime.

Alaska Park Highway
This is another place for the backpackers and adventure lovers. A tremendous variety of wildlife, beautiful lakes, glaciers, huge mountains and the tough terrain is what defines this place. However, if you a nudge for watching the spectacular then this place is yours to go this summers.

Louisiana to Florida
Take on a road trip from Louisiana to Florida. The whole trip holds many beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes in it.