hyundai-tucson-2015Mother… just the mention of this word softens our expressions and brings a rush of joy in our hearts. And what we remember of her is rushing about here and there, meeting every person’s demand to the best of her ability, because seeing her children happy makes her happy, irrespective of the generation.

The modern woman wants to be as independent as she can and that includes driving. That also means getting rid of the minivan image for the mom. I mean, come on, there are better cars for the modern mom, other than the dreaded minivan – bulky and old-fashioned.
Here are some of the best cars, especially for the mom who wants to drive in style without compromising on safety:

1. Lincoln MKC

Launched by Ford, this car is great choice for the mother who loves driving, but wants better performance in winter conditions. With a sleek design, this vehicle is better than Escape and is armed with a huge trunk. However, the latter feature causes it to have a lesser backseat space – less legroom and less space to fit car-seats for kids. Apart from that, the car is armed with some great safety features such as speed limit posting on the speedometer to caution against speeding, vibrations in the steering wheel in case you stray from the lane, and parallel parking guidance. The control panel of the car is very user friendly.

2. Hyundai Tucson

The adage “bigger is better” rings false when Hyundai Tucson enters the picture. A small SUV with big features, the Hyundai Tucson is the perfect drive for a mom. The car comes with comfortable seating and spacious seats, large enough to fit car seats for kids. Intelligent features such as Bluetooth phone connectivity make the drive a luxurious experience. However, the newly designed hi-tech engine of the car doesn’t translate into a good performance.

3. Hyundai Sonata Sport

Although the look is not really sporty, this car is a midsize offering from Hyundai offering a great performance on acceleration and mileage. A roomy interior and plenty of trunk space being the stellar features for the multitasking moms, this car also offers a great infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity with the phone and USB drive. The Hyundai Sonata also comes with great safety features such as blind spot detection (BSD), lane change assist and automatic emergency braking.

4. Lexus RX 350

Style? Check. Utility? Check. Reliability? Check. Check. Check. Specially designed for moms who move around a lot. Some of the models also provide a third row of seats to empower the moms’ people moving duties. This car also offers a host of driver assist features such as driver assist and cross traffic alerts. The new styling, however makes the car feel long and as a result tricky to maneuver in tight parking lots.

5. Volkswagen Passat SEL Premium

A mid-size offering from Volkswagen, the Passat SEL Premium offers a more polished driving experience than before, with its updated LED lights and a new steering carplay. The increased legroom in the heated rear seats makes a more comfortable drive for all the passengers at the rear. In the midline offering, the car comes with a savvy infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration as standard. Also available are the safety features such as a rear view camera, blind spot monitoring, rear traffic alert, and park assist.