BC road tripSo you just bought a used car at Howie’s Car Corral, now what? Consider taking to the road with your new wheels and discover what beautiful British Columbia. Whether you’ve lived in the area your whole life or you’re a transplant, there’s always something to discover. This guide will provide you with the perfect route.

From Victoria, take the ferry to Vancouver. The ferry stops on Mayne Island, if you’re interested this can be your first stop. Mayne Island offers a beautiful rustic environment and stunning beaches, while you’re there enjoy some fresh seafood.

Continuing on to Vancouver, British Columbia’s biggest city has a lot to offer for anyone. Central Vancouver is friendly and walkable, the Seawall is truly the city’s defining feature so head to the harbor and enjoy a walk along the water. Downtown offers some great eateries like the New Amsterdam Café and make sure you check out the steam powered clock on Water Street in gas town. You don’t have to head far out of the city for some nature in Vancouver, so when you’re tired of the bustle of the city just drive a few miles North to Stanley Park, a huge, beautiful park near the city.

Heading East out of the city just one and a half hours and we reach our next stop at Harrison Hot Springs. The hot springs are well worth the stop for at least a night, a beautiful resort on the edge of a lake with stunning mountainous scenery—What more could one want?

Now that you’re feeling relaxed it’s time to head to the Okanagan Valley. A good stopping point here is about three hours from the Hot Springs at the city of Kelowna. Kelowna has something for everyone, the city is set on a beautiful lake and has a vibrant cultural district, outside the city there various wineries and orchards to visit or enjoy some hiking in the forested region that encompasses the city.

Pushing on we have the longest leg of our trip to bring us to the fun city of Nelson. The birthplace of Steve Martin, Nelson is a unique, charming, little city. Nelson itself is a cultural experience where you’ll meet all sorts of people. After you’ve had your fun in the city head North to Kokanee Mountain Zipline where you’ll get an adrenaline rush while experiencing stunning views from the tops of the trees.

The massive Kootenay Lake is a must-see. Nestled on the shores of Kootenay Lake is the quaint little town of Kaslo. Just an hour North of Nelson, Kaslo is the most relaxed, friendly little town you’ll ever step foot in. A former hang-gliding hub, Kaslo’s community will make you want to settle down and enjoy a simple life on the lake.

To finish the road trip, you can’t miss Banff and Lake Louise. While technically just over the border in Alberta and about five hours Northeast of Kaslo, Banff National Park will take your breath away and is well worth the drive. Lake Louise surrounded by vast mountains and the city of Banff with its backdrop of snow capped peaks is the perfect turning place to your road trip. Now all that’s left to do is see what else there is to discover on the way back.