minivans and suvs

A Look At Minivans and SUVs

If you’re a family person you’ve probably come across this debate as you car shop: Is a minivan better than a SUV? They both can comfortable ferry the whole family and everyone’s gear when required. These almost similar vehicles make it hard to pick between the two. Which is best for your family? Which is more practical? Which is more appealing? These are some questions you will need to answer if you intend to choose.

We came up with a list that should make it easier for you to decide.


These boxes on wheels offer more benefits than most car enthusiasts would admit. It is a practical car with lots of space. Currently, car manufacturers have added a touch of luxury making the car an entertainment center the whole family can appreciate.


The minivan offers low ground clearance. This makes it easier for you and your kids to access the automobile. It also makes it easier to load goods and gear for transportation. Most minivans are equipped with sliding doors. They open wider than traditional doors which makes it easier to load the goods.

Modern minivans also offer fold-flat seating to utilize said space. Minivans also come with features such as tri-zone climate control and rear-seat entertainment which enable your passengers to travel in comfort.

Another distinguishing feature is that minivans tend to get better gas mileage than similar-sized SUVs. This is made possible by their carlike chassis and engine.


These automobiles seem like the perfect choice for most families but they do have flaws. The biggest drawback of owning a minivan is image. Many will agree that minivans are better than SUVs but will buy SUVs because they just hate the idea of having a minivan. Another big drawback of owning a minivan is that most vans don’t offer all-wheel drive. This drawback, however, will soon be irrelevant as car manufacturers have started equipping these automobiles with these features. A good example is the Toyota Sienna which currently offers all-wheel drive.



The sports utility vehicle is popularly known as the SUV. It is a utility vehicle that is popular for its all-terrain drive capability. All SUVs come with a standard all-wheel or 4-wheel drive. This makes it the perfect vehicle to take your family on adventures as the car can handle most roads and dirt roads. The SUV doesn’t suffer from an image problem as most of these vehicles have stylish body designs and luxurious features to boot.

It should be noted that people have more choices with SUVs. There are only a few minivans in the market while prospective car owners can choose among a wide range of SUVs. These cars offer different features such as big or small, gasoline, hybrid or diesel.


The SUV has a high ground clearance that makes it hard for kids to get into the car. It also makes it relatively hard for you to load up goods or gear for transportation.

SUVs tend to be expensive to buy and maintain. They offer a less efficient fuel consumption when compared to a minivan.

These two types of vehicles all have their benefits and drawbacks but it’s up to you to decide which one you would like to own.