5 Myths About Used Cars

If you’re in the market for your first car or if you’re on a budget, then buying a used car usually seems like the way to go. After all, it’s convenient, you get to own a model you like, and you enjoy those benefits without splurging. However, you may run into some blow-back from friends who have horror stories of used car purchases. Here are a few myths.

Used Cars are Major Gas Guzzlers

Some people may tell you how bad an investment those ‘gas guzzlers’ are. But the truth is, used cars guzzle only as much gas as most of their newer models do, so long as they were and are well-maintained. The difference comes in with the different engines – a V6 will cost you more than a 2.4-L any day.

Their Lifespan Can’t be That Long

These days, cars are built to last and can even tackle over 250,000 km in total. That’s why when buying a used car, you should know that yeah, it can last that long.

Rainy Days are the Best for Great Deals

Rainy days are great for umbrella-selling, but forgive the local dealerships for not being in a discounting mood with metal to move and cars to shield on rainy days. Every day is a good day for used car deals, so take advantage of that.

There is No Way to Know When You are Buying a Lemon

Wrong! There are numerous resources on the internet – from collision reports to Certified Pre-Owned lists – that you can check out to see just how good a deal you’re getting for your potential used car. A good used car dealer will also have car histories for you.

The Warranties are Always Too Good to be True

When you know what your used car warranty covers and for how long, you can take advantage of it. Just make sure you are clear about what it covers.